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A curriculum is a set of organized University lessons that, when passed, entitles a student to obtain a degree. The courses taught in this faculty enable a student to earn an official degree that is recognized and valid throughout Spain

Currently this faculty offers a total of five degrees and one double degree. Descriptions of these degrees are available in the Official State Bulletin which are available in the copy shop

Faculty Academic Information: A List of Degrees and Departments at this Faculty

Accreditation of foreign language in grades

Individual support session

GADE. BA in Business Management
GECO. BA in Economics
GFICO. BA in Finance and Accounting
GMIM. BA in Marketing and Market Research
BA in Tourism Management
BA in Business Management and Law

Regulations Concerning BA Degrees (Standards for Attaining a BA Degree)

L. Economía
Diplomatura en Ciencias Empresariales
Diplomatura en Turismo


Core Subjects: The basic and fundamental knowledge related to the title of the degree program. This materialis taught in courses of 6 credits each, offered in the first half of the curriculum

Compulsory subjects: Basic, obligatory requirements determined at the discretion of the University

Elective Subjects: Optional subjects whose contents are determined at the discretion of the University based on their curricula. The offers include a wide range of subjects to fulfill the objectives and tasks outlined in each degree. These subjects are intended to meet the needsof a diverse student populationdesigning individual learning paths

Final Project: In accordance with the objectives and content established in the core and compulsory subjects, students must write, defend and submit a report involving the applicability of the theoretical, methodological contents and techniques acquired throughout their degree program. This project should reflect the skills of a professional with this academic profile. This final project must be presented and defended, demonstrating the competencies, training content and skills acquired while participating in the degree program. To begin the Final Project, students must meet the pre-requisites for each degree

Work Placement/Internship: Experiential learning or action based learning whose purpose is to enable the acquisition and integration of skills and knowledge. According to the objectives of the modules, and core and obligatory subjects, students must demonstrate specific competencies associated with their degree, acquired over the four years of study. Internships should provide students the opportunity to discover, analyze and understand context and management processes in organizations, institutions and companies. Internships should take place in institutions and companies that have agreements with the University of Granada. External work placements are optional (except for the Tourism Degree, which are obligatory) and will be conducted during the last year of a degree program. To be eligible for internships, students must comply with the pre-requisites for each degree

Languages: Students must certify a B1 level of a foreign language for graduation. The University determines the accreditation system.


Materias troncales, es decir, contenidos homogéneos mínimos de los Planes de estudios. Son de obligatoria inclusión en todos aquellos que conduzcan a un mismo título oficial.

Materias no troncales, esto es, contenidos formativos determinados discrecionalmente por la Universidad en sus Planes de estudios, ya como materias obligatorias (libremente establecidas por cada Universidad e incluidas en el Plan de Estudios con la característica de ser obligatorias para el alumno), ya como materias optativas para el alumno (libremente establecidas por cada Universidad e incluidas en el Plan de estudios para que el alumno escoja entre las mismas)

Créditos de libre elección por el alumno, que podrán ser aplicados por este en orden a la libre configuración de su currículum (materias escogidas entre las impartidas por la propia Universidad o por otra con la que se tenga convenio oportuno, cursos, prácticas en empresas)

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